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What is Parents Route about?

Parents Route is an online resource that aims to provide parents with guides, ideas, knowledge and inspiration to raise their kids with confidence. We are a trusted source for moms and dads to find informative, accurate and helpful information. We are always seeking out the best equipment, trends, ideas and learnings and sharing them on this platform to help anyone who needs it while aiming to make it a fun experience.

Our goal is to produce content that will inspire and encourage our readers. Our expert advice, opinions, and fact-based information are here to assist you in making decisions that are best for you and your family.

Why Trust Us?

We use qualified writers who conduct extensive research and strive to obtain the most accurate information possible. We collaborate with specialists to provide practical and relatable information on a wide range of family topics. We cover everything from conception and pregnancy to labor and birth, as well as baby development and childhood milestones.

Product Testing Methods

Our review process is thorough and unbiased to ensure that our product reviews are reliable, honest, and comprehensive – and that they are written by parents who are dealing with the same life issues that you are.

We select products for review based on market trends and audience insights, and our reviews are always completely impartial and uncompromising. Although we may receive a commission if you purchase from one of the many baby gear companies with whom we have affiliate relationships, editorial decisions and product inclusion are never influenced by this.

The recommendations we make on our website are thoroughly researched and evaluated by our team. To ensure that product manufacturers met safety and efficacy standards, we did the following:

Our screening procedure

We vet each product or brand that we recommend on the below to make sure
  • Does the current body of scientific evidence support any health or medical claims made the product or brand?
  • Is this product or brand following industry best practices. Are they a leader in the industry?
  • We check whether they received any third-party certifications
  • Are there any letters of warning from the FDA or FTC that impact their products or brands?
  • Is there any pending litigation or previous settlements involving fair employment or marketing practices? Is there a current or previous class-action lawsuit?
  • Examine the ingredients and composition: Are they potentially harmful?

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please send an email to support @ parentsroute dot com.

Write for Us

We’re always looking for experienced and qualified writers with expertise and credentials in pregnancy and parenting. Email us at support @ parentsroute dot com
Please note that we do not accept unsolicited guest-authored content.

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