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Most new mums are very willing to buy toys, playmats, baby gyms, and all other baby things for their babies because they see them as necessary for optimal growth. However, mums and caregivers don’t see kid-specific chairs in the same light, although they’re equally important.

But Are Anywhere Chairs Worth It?

Anywhere Chairs are excellent gifts for your kids, but the $99 price tag is hard to justify. With similar chairs costing less than half the list price, you may be better off shopping for an alternative model.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the advantages of getting an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids. Also, you’ll learn why kid-specific furniture pieces are important to your baby’s development, and if the Anywhere Chair makes for a piece of compelling child furniture.

What Is an Anywhere Chair?

The Anywhere Chair is an extremely lightweight and small chair that’s made specifically for older babies and toddlers lacking a comfortable place to sit. The chair isn’t very cheap, but it isn’t incredibly expensive either; and if reviews from users are anything to go by, it’s about as good as it gets.

It passes all the safety standards you’d ever want your kid’s chair to pass, and it’s surprisingly very portable. It’s hard to find comfortable seats that are also easy to carry around the house nowadays.

The chair comes unassembled, but assembly is easy and takes five minutes at most. There are five parts, covered by a pleasant fabric that’s also machine-washable. That’s right; you can pull the cover off your Anywhere Chair and toss it into a washing machine whenever it gets dirty.

But at $99, recommending an item is pretty difficult, unless it’s very worthwhile. To make this easy, I’ll show you why kid-specific chairs are crucial additions to every home with a kid, and why you should be willing to pay a premium for quality ones.

For What Age Is The Anywhere Chair?

Anywhere chairs are designed for preschoolers. Kids aged between two and six years old should fit comfortably in the anywhere chair. However, it is possible to use the chair a little longer, as long as your kid is comfortable sitting in a smaller chair than he actually needs.

I wouldn’t advise letting your kid use the chair for too long though. When your kid really gets too big for the anywhere chair you should consider not using it anymore, as it is important for a child to have a good sitting posture from a young age on.

Advantages of Kid-Sized Furniture Like Anywhere Chairs

Anywhere Chairs are designed specifically to appeal to the miniature size of toddlers, otherwise known as kid-sized furniture. It’s only logical that whatever advantage applies to kid-sized furniture also carries on to Anywhere Chairs.

Here are some of the benefits of kid-sized furniture, provided you bought high quality and comfortable chair like Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chair for your baby.

  1. They’re more comfortable than regular furniture

This is an obvious advantage of miniature furniture made specifically for kids, as opposed to standard furniture for adults. Since they can sit in the chair and feel the ground with their legs, they’re usually more comfortable with special-sized furniture.

Also, comfy kid chairs provide a backrest that a toddler can use. The backrest in regular chairs is useless for kids, as they would have the entirety of their legs on the chair if they try using it. In addition, doing anything else while being on the chair would be impossible, but a kid-sized chair solves all that.

If you want the best for your baby, you shouldn’t skimp on getting the most convenient chair for them, so they can spend time learning to do other things, rather than sitting properly at a table.

  1. They help develop crucial life skills and manners

It’s hard to teach table manners when your child can’t even reach the table. If it’s impossible to sit on the available chair properly, there’s no point in teaching your baby the best seating postures.

When you combine the already comfortable chair with an equally good table, you can encourage your kid to try drawing, writing, and even basic responsibility tasks like cleaning the table and dusting the chair.

If you want your baby to develop the necessary skills to grow up proficient in almost everything, you need to start teaching them from babyhood, and you certainly can’t do that without specially designed furniture.

  1. Facilitates independence

Kids love to be independent, and regular-sized furniture just doesn’t allow that. No baby wants to be carried on and off high chairs for meals, and they want instant access to the toys for play.

While you can easily go against their wishes, you can also get them kid-sized furniture, solving almost all of those problems. With furniture pieces sized specifically for kids, your kid can now choose when to eat, instead of being forced to have their mealtime whenever you’re having yours.

Even the subtle change of being able to get on and off the chair whenever they want can be incredibly impacting to kids, and it convinces them they’re growing.

Advantages of Anywhere Chairs for Kids

Just to be clear, all of the advantages listed earlier also apply to Anywhere Chairs since they’re also an example of decent kid-sized furniture. However, Anywhere Chairs also have some specific benefits that most other kid-sized chairs lack, and that’s the point of this section.

Here, you’ll learn some of the most important advantages of Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chairs outside those they share with most other kid-sized furniture.

  1. Aesthetic excellence

One major mistake that most furniture makers do is assuming the best design styles and colors that match every home. More often than not, their assumptions are expectedly wrong, putting off most potential buyers.

Fortunately, Pottery Barn didn’t make this mistake, at least not with their line of Anywhere Chairs. There are so many different color variants of the chair that it’s impossible to make a comprehensive list. Some variants come in designs that aren’t a single color, and you can even get one themed with your baby’s favorite comic character.

This aesthetic excellence doesn’t only favor your baby, it also lets you pick a chair that most match the general design of your home, without looking totally out of place.

  1. Easy to clean

There are so many kid-sized comfortable chairs out there on the market, but not all of them will let you remove the cover to wash in a washing machine. This subtle design perk makes a world of a difference, and cleaning the Anywhere Chair is simply a joy compared to other alternatives.

The cover is also made to be very durable. Unlike most items that you get for your baby, the surface doesn’t get all grubby after every wash. You can use the same Anywhere Chair for more than one baby, and it will still look new.

  1. It’s light and portable

Most manufacturers don’t manufacture furniture to be easily movable, and it makes sense. Who moves their chair across multiple rooms every day?

When it comes to baby chairs, however, it’s a different story. While you have multiple chairs around the house that fit you perfectly, your baby doesn’t. Most times, the only kid-sized furniture around is the Anywhere Chair, and almost nobody buys more than one.

You don’t expect your baby to walk down to the living room each time they have to sit. If something interesting is happening in another room, your baby should be able to catch onto the fun, and not as standing spectators.

The lightness of anywhere chairs makes them suitable for this, and the handle at the tip only convinces us that it was a thoughtful design choice. Using the handle, you can easily pull the chair up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat.

Is the Anywhere Chair Worth It?

The Anywhere Chair is pretty decent, but we’re not sure if it’s an equally decent value. This chair starts at $99 which is about twice the average size of a kid-sized chair.

While it provides clear convenience features over other chairs, it doesn’t feel good enough for $99. If you can afford the price and you want the best for your baby, buying an Anywhere Chair is a very good idea.

However, if you’re shopping for baby items on a budget, you can find comfortable kid sofas starting for as low as $30. You’ll have to make significant trade-offs by buying a $30 chair for your baby, but you get what you pay for.

If you’re neither willing to pay $99 for the chair, nor getting an inferior one, there are other options. You’ll learn some clever ways to get discounts on an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn in the next section.

How to Get Discounts on Anywhere Chairs

Anywhere Chairs are excellent, but for $99, they’re somewhat overpriced. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay that amount to get your hands on the chair.

A good way to get discounts on kid chairs from Pottery Barn is by signing up for their email list. You’ll be notified whenever a category is on sale, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to buy baby items with insane price deductions.

You can also keep an eye on the clearance section to see if an Anywhere Chair makes it there. If they don’t, you can simply look for a similar chair for a cheaper price.

If you can afford the chair without any special sales or discounts, it’s a good buy. Frankly, you’d be hard-pressed to find an Anywhere Chair as part of a special sale or in the clearance section since they sell like hotcakes.