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Baby leggings have been a trend in the baby care industry for decades. With uses ranging from beauty and play to preventing harsh temperature conditions, baby leggings are certainly not useless items. Since it’s pretty difficult to find useless items nowadays, the question is: are baby leggings worth it?

Baby leggings help protect babies from cold and hazards while learning to crawl and walk. They can still grow with the baby by expanding until the baby grows too tall to wear them comfortably. All of these advantages make baby leggings a worthwhile investment for your baby.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about baby leggings and why they’re a compelling choice for your kid. Also, you’ll learn the clear differences between baby leggings and maternity leggings to clear the misconceptions in the mums’ community.

What are Baby Leggings?

There are so many baby items on the market that it’s honestly demanding to know which is which. However, baby leggings are pretty straightforward. Baby leggings are simply leggings, but for babies. Brands like H&M or Gerber have a wide range of baby leggings available.

If you had something very different in mind, you were probably thinking about maternity leggings. Maternity leggings refer to a very different kind of clothing, and I’ll explain more about the differences between baby and maternity leggings later in this article.

Leggings are a compelling piece of clothing for your baby. Due to their numerous advantages, most people regard them as one of the most cost-effective pieces of clothing you can get for your baby.

If you don’t understand why mums hype baby leggings so much, I’ll help you understand. Later in this article, you’ll learn some of the most obvious advantages of baby leggings that will make you want one right now.

Maternity Leggings vs Baby Leggings

Many mums and aspiring mums refer to their maternity leggings as baby leggings. The prevalence of this mistake has etched the belief that maternity leggings also mean baby leggings in most people’s minds. However, nothing can be further from the truth.

Maternity leggings were created to solve a particular issue. When your baby bump starts to grow during pregnancy, it becomes increasingly difficult to wear regular leggings. The scenario is pretty easy to imagine, and it’s somewhat maddening.

To fix this, maternity leggings were introduced to help keep your leggings intact. Most maternity leggings go over the baby bump to provide support and effectively prevent them from slipping off at any time.

Baby leggings, on the other hand, refer to any leggings made specifically for toddlers and babies. Both baby leggings and maternity leggings are made from opaque materials, but baby leggings are typically thicker.

In addition to helping to keep your leggings on, maternity leggings can also help to reduce back pain that comes with a big baby bump. Some maternity leggings are specially designed to be used in exercise to encourage you to engage in exercises throughout the pregnancy.

Summarily, baby leggings are very different from maternity leggings. Now that you know this try correcting anyone that makes the mistake to help phase out the confusion and misconception surrounding this topic.

Advantages of Baby Leggings

Since you now know the difference between baby leggings and maternity leggings, it’s time to learn why you should care about baby leggings in the first place. Apart from cute Instagram pictures of babies in leggings, here are some other legitimate reasons why you may want baby leggings for your baby.

  1. They are very flexible

Babies grow at an incredible rate, and they quickly need new things, including clothes, toys, diapers, bassinets, etc. This poses an evident problem with most baby items since you can only use them for a few weeks maximum.

Baby leggings solve that problem. Since you’re already familiar with leggings, you already know how flexible they can be. This flexibility makes it possible for your baby to wear the leggings for longer than most of their clothes, toys, and diapers.

Granted, your baby can’t wear their leggings forever. Someday, they’ll be forced to let go of it when the leggings become too short to even fit. However, the average lifespan of baby leggings is way longer than that of any other of their clothing, presenting an obvious advantage.

  1. They carry various designs

In addition to being very flexible, there are many different leggings designs for your baby. If you’re a fan of soccer, there are many baby leggings available in the theme of your favourite team. The same goes for fans of movies or anything really; you’ll always find a matching leggings design.

This will be quite helpful if you run an Instagram account for your baby. You can easily echo your baby’s (your) passions in your baby’s leggings while doubling as a beautiful piece of clothing that lasts for months.

  1. They protect your baby’s knees

When your baby starts to crawl efficiently, it’s hard to keep track of them. Even if you got them a playmat that should help keep them safe from the hard floor, there’s no proof that they wouldn’t crawl out of sight to an unsafe place.

In this case, there’s only one way to keep them safe: safeguarding their knees. Recall how most baby leggings are manufactured from very thick material? You surely didn’t think that was just a random design decision.

The major reason why the material is somewhat thicker than that of other kinds of leggings is to keep their knees safe while they crawl on unsafe surfaces. It’s also meant to keep them warm, but we’ll assume that’s just an afterthought.

  1. They can fit over diapers easily

If you’ve never tried to dress your baby in jeans after fitting their diaper, you won’t understand why this is very necessary. Since diapers make it more difficult to get pants to fit, baby leggings are the perfect answer to them.

Due to their elasticity, they can expand to go over your baby’s diapers easily. If most of your baby’s pants are leggings, you’ll be saving a lot of time that you’d have spent pulling at your hair and forcing their trousers down and back up to change a diaper.

  1. They absorb dirt

No one likes to admit this, but it’s a fact; babies are very messy, and it’s not necessarily their fault. They move around on their hands and knees, after all.

However messy they are, you don’t want them to always look untidy. Unfortunately, most baby clothes aren’t designed to conceal dirt, but most baby leggings are. If you choose a legging in a muted color like black, anyone would be hard-pressed to refer to your baby as “dirty.”

Factors to Consider When Choosing Baby Leggings for Your Baby

With the advantages listed above, you should already have an interest in getting baby leggings for your baby. However, it’s crucial to note that not all baby leggings are created the same. While most will provide at least some of the advantages above, it takes skill to choose baby leggings that provide all.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing baby leggings for your baby to get the best value for your money and the most convenient clothing for your baby.

  1. Size

Many new mums make the mistake of buying small baby leggings because it fits better on their baby. However, clothes that fit perfectly right now won’t allow for growth. Since babies generally grow very fast, those beautifully-fitting leggings will soon become too small for your baby to wear.

When choosing leggings for your baby, try to choose the largest possible one that won’t look comical on your baby.

  1. Price

Baby leggings can only be worthwhile if you’re buying them for a decent price. Before paying for leggings for your baby, it’s important to compare them with options across various stores to confirm you aren’t buying for an outrageous amount.

Also, this shouldn’t be an excuse to always get the one priced the lowest, as you risk buying low-quality leggings that pass no safety standard. Instead, try to strike a balance between cost and functionality to ensure you’re paying as much as you should, but nothing more.

  1. Fabric

One of the major functions of a baby legging is to help protect your baby’s knees from hazards. You also want it to protect against the cold in the winter, and that can only be possible with a reasonably thick fabric.

If the fabric used to manufacture the baby leggings is too thin, you have almost no use for it. If the piece of clothing can’t meet the two basic requirements, why even consider them for purchase?

In addition to checking if the fabric can protect them against bruises and colds, it’s also crucial to check if the fabric isn’t dangerous itself. Many cheaply available fabrics are not good for a baby’s sensitive skin but are still used to make baby materials anyway.

If the listing doesn’t boast of adherence to any baby care safety standard, try plugging the name of the fabric used in manufacturing the legging into Google. If there’s a related hazard, it should come up, compelling you to empty your cart.