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Having a newborn baby is a monumental change. As a first-time parent, you need to get the right information to be able to take care of your child the proper way.

That said, one of the thousands of questions that expecting mothers and new parents often ask regarding how to give their baby the best care is the type of towel they need to use.

So, here’s a burning question; are baby towels worth it, or should mothers stick to their regular towels for their babies?

Here Is Why Baby Towels Are Worth It:

A baby towel comes with many advantages, one of them is that it makes bathing your child easier and baby towels are usually a lot softer on the skin. Your baby will be a lot more comfortable in a baby towel. Which makes baby towels worth it in my opinion.

Is it important to get baby towels for newborns? What exactly is the best material for a baby towel? How many baby towels are okay for your baby? What are the best baby towels out there?

These and more are some of the questions that you’ll find answers to as you read through the rest of this article.

Some More Reasons Why Baby Towels Are Worth It

There’s no denying that having a new baby comes with a lot of joy and excitement. However, you need to understand that it can sometimes be financially impactful.

Well, the reason for that is that you need to get the necessary items that’ll make life pretty easier for your newborn baby.

Baby towels aren’t one of the top items on a newborn baby’s essentials. As such, it’s safe to say that you can always do without them if you’re on a budget or don’t see the need for them.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider buying baby towels:

According to experts, newborn babies are known to naturally have sensitive skins compared to older children.

For instance, babies can develop rashes and dry skin after bathing with certain soaps. Apart from that, some babies can also develop a skin reaction after being dried with certain types of towels.

This explains why you need to invest in baby towels, especially those with extra soft fabrics.

I’m sure you know that newborn babies poop and pee frequently. Since that’s the case, it makes a lot of sense if you invest in baby towels. By doing so, you can always get rid of the towels when your baby grows up.

Most baby towels, such as hooded towels, are known to be very soft, warm, and great absorbent. By using them, you can always maintain your baby’s normal body temperature.

So, the bottom line is that baby towels are certainly worth the money. Without a doubt, no set standard recommends buying baby towels for your newborn baby.

What Is The Best Material For A Baby Towel?

When it comes to buying new baby towels, there are a couple of features that you need to look out for. One of them is the material for the towel.

Since you’re already considering buying new towels for your baby, you need to understand the best materials to help protect its skin.

When buying new baby towels, the best products to consider are those that come with natural materials. A good example of natural fabric that you can consider opting for is cotton.

Baby towels with cotton material are known to be breathable, soft, and comfortable.

Apart from choosing a natural fabric, you can also consider opting for baby towels with a synthetic material, such as polyester.

In case you don’t know, polyester is a synthetic fiber. Most times, baby towel manufacturers often blend polyester with cotton. You can always go for these products, as they are generally comfortable and safe for your baby.

According to experts, bamboo makes a pretty great clothing material. That’s so because it packs tons of amazing features.

For instance, bamboo is known to have hollow fiber, which makes moisture absorption and evaporation possible. As such, baby towels with bamboo material are very breathable and highly sweat absorbent.

So, the bottom line is that bamboo, cotton, and a blend of cotton and polyester are some of the best materials that you can consider opting for when buying new baby towels. The materials are very soft, breathable, anti-bacterial, great absorbent, and hypo-allergenic.

How Many Baby Towels Should You Get For Your Newborns?

Now that you already know the type of baby towel materials that are safe for your baby, it’s time to start shopping.

Before proceeding to purchase the towels, another thing you need to consider is the exact number of towels that you’ll need to take care of your newborn baby.

First, you need to understand that there’s no set standard as to the number of towels that you need to buy for your newborn baby.

The numbers actually depend, to a very large extent, on how often you do your laundry. Another factor to consider is how often you bathe your newborn baby.

Generally speaking, you can always consider buying three to four towels for your newborn baby. You can even consider buying two towels, especially if your baby has very sensitive skin.

For babies with sensitive skin, it’s not ideal to bathe them every day since they don’t sweat. According to experts, bathing your baby 2-3 times a week is okay – this means you don’t need too many towels.

Here Are Some Of The Best Baby Towels You Can Consider Buying

  1. San Francisco Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel 

Occupying the first spot on this list is Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel. This product packs tons of amazing features, including being made of Bamboo.

It’s eco-friendly, sustainable, breathable, comfortable, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.

That’s not all; San Francisco Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel is also absorbent, plush, and ultra-soft; this explains why you should consider opting for it.

For more information regarding the baby tower, including its price, you can check here.

  1. Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Bath Towel

Hudson Baby Hooded Bath Towel is another product that you can consider buying for your newborn baby. This baby towel is made with 100% woven cotton. As such, it’s breathable, comfortable, and ultra-soft.

Apart from that, Hudson Baby Hooded Bath Towel is ultra-soft and gentle on babies. It’ll help keep your baby from developing skin issues, such as rashes.

Furthermore, the product comes with a detailed animal face design, which provides aesthetic appeal.

Interestingly, the baby towel is also pretty much affordable and very easy to clean. You can check here to find more information regarding this product and how to order it here.

  1. Artyish Hooded Baby Towel

Occupying the third spot on this list is Artyish Hooded Baby Towel. I’m recommending this product because it’s made of 100% Organic Bamboo material.

The 600 GSM bamboo fiber fabric provides the baby towel with antibacterial & hypoallergenic characteristics, making it totally safe for your child. Also, the product is highly absorbent.

Furthermore, Artyish Hooded Baby Towel is plush, ultra-soft, thick, warm, sustainable, and breathable. You can check here to learn more about the product and how to order it.

  1. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Hooded Towel is made of natural and synthetic fabrics (75% cotton and 25% polyester). As such, it’s comfortable, soft, breathable, and gentle on every baby’s skin.
Furthermore, the Luvable Friends baby towel is a hooded towel that comes with five additional washcloths.

It’s affordable and 100% safe for your baby’s skin. You can check here for more information regarding how you can order the product.

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