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One of the many items needed by parents to take care of their newborns is diapers. Baby diapers help to keep wetness away from your toddler’s skin. Apart from that, it also helps to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

When it comes to shopping for diapers for your baby, one of the first pieces of advice that you’ll hear is that you should go for diapers with a wetness indicator. Today, there are lots of brands out there that sell high-quality baby diapers. However, not all of them have a wetness indicator,  which signals to you that it’s time to change your baby’s diaper.

Honest diapers don’t have a wetness indicator. However, they tend to expand when they get wet, which serves as an indicator to parents. Honest diapers, made by The Honest Company, is, no doubt, one of the best diaper products you’ll find out there. They are made from plant-based materials – as such, they’re eco-friendly.

What is a wetness indicator and how exactly does it work? What are Honest Diapers and how reliable are they? Do Honest Diapers show any sign when wet? What are the Pros and Cons of Honest diapers? These are the frequently asked questions that you’ll find answers to as you read through the rest of this post.

Do Honest Diapers Show Any Sign When Wet?

Yes, for parents and caregivers that understand the logic behind it, honest diapers always show a sign of wetness.

Later in this post, I mention what wetness indicators are and their importance on baby diapers. So if you don’t yet know what it is, scroll down first. Since honest diapers show a sign of wetness, I’m sure you must have concluded that the products have a wetness indicator. But that’s not the case.

A wetness indicator is made of a pH indicator or chemical, called bromophenol blue. Using this chemical is going to be in contrast with what The Honest Company believes in – the brand frowns against using chlorine, chemicals, and other irritating additives.

As such, you need to understand that honest diapers don’t have any wetness indicator. One way to understand whether or not your baby’s diaper, especially if it’s without a wetness indicator, is wet is by pinching it a little. If wet, you’ll most likely feel the get. You can also use this method for honest diapers; it works a lot.

Alternatively, another way to understand whether or not your baby’s honest diaper is wet is by looking for any expansion. With an honest diaper, the best time for a baby’s diaper change is when the material expands. It’s pretty easy to spot when your baby is wet.

The bottom line is that honest diapers don’t have the common feature (wetness indicator) that other products have. However, you’ll always spot it if the diaper is wet. Once you see the diaper expanding, this is a good sign that your baby is wet. You can also pinch the diaper a little; this is also an effective way to understand whether your baby is wet.

What Exactly Is A Wetness Indicator In Diapers And How Does It Work?

Baby diapers have been around for a long time. The first modern baby diaper, cloth diapers, was introduced by Maria Allen in the United States, in the 19th century.

In the 20th century, there were a lot of improvements to modern baby diapers with the introduction of disposable diapers. Robinsons of Chesterfield was the first to introduce these types of diapers – at the time, they were tagged as “Destroyable Babies Napkins.”

Ever since the introduction of disposable diapers, several different brands have improved on them, delivering products with amazing features. In recent years, one of the few features introduced on disposable baby diapers is the “wetness indicator.”

In case you don’t know, a wetness indicator is a common feature on most disposable diapers that allow parents to understand it’s time for a diaper change. Wetness indicators are usually added to the outside surface of some baby diapers or nappies (for British readers). The feature always appears in the form of a colored line – of course, there’s a color change any time the interior of the baby diaper is wet.

The chemistry behind most wetness indicators, according to Compound Interest is that the colored lines (mentioned above) utilize a pH indicator to provide the indication. Furthermore, the chemical (pH indicator) utilized by most brands to make wetness indicators work is known as bromophenol blue.

When the baby diapers are dry, the presence of the pH indicator (Bromophenol blue) makes them appear yellow. However, once the diapers are wet with urine, which is slightly alkaline, there will be a color change to blue.

Some Benefits Of A Wetness Indicator

Wetness indicators used by some diaper brands offer tons of amazing benefits for both parents and their kids. For instance, this feature makes it pretty easy for parents to understand exactly when they need to change their baby’s diaper.

Furthermore, wetness indicators on disposable baby diapers also protect your baby’s skin from irritation and other issues. Skin irritation often occurs when a diaper is wet and your baby’s skin is exposed to the wetness for a long time.

Furthermore, “changing diapers when it’s not yet time” is one of the few factors that cause parents and other caregivers to waste diapers. Here’s where the need to have a wetness indicator comes into the scene. This feature helps to minimize the rate at which people waste baby diapers for no good reason.

What Are Honest Diapers And How Reliable Are They?

Now, let’s talk about the Honest diaper, which happens to be one of the best diapers in the market today.

In case you don’t know, the honest diaper is one of the fee products manufactured by The Honest Company, Inc., an American consumer goods company. The company was co-founded by American actress and businesswoman Jessica Marie Alba in 2011.

According to the official website of The Honest Company, honest diapers and other products delivered by the brand are honestly safe baby and beauty products. Well, that’s pretty true for honest baby diapers as they are made with plant-based products and sustainably harvested pulp.

Unlike most other baby diaper products that utilize chlorine and other chemical products, honest diapers are produced with these substances. Yes, you can always say that the diapers are hypoallergenic.

That’s not all; Honest diapers don’t also have fragrances, lotions, latex, which most diaper brands use.

One of the unique features of honest diapers is that they are designed to pack naturally derived odor blocks. The benefit of this offering is that it helps to reduce the baby diapers stick.

Furthermore, honest diapers have re-fastening tabs and fitting cuffs. Both features work together, ensuring that the diapers are free of leaks and blowouts. That’s not all; honest diapers also have stretchy side panels, which also contributes to how the diapers can fit on babies. Regardless of the stretchy side panels, it’s best to buy Honest diapers one size bigger than you actually need as they tend to run smaller.

Pros And Cons Of Honest Diapers

As with other diaper products, you need to understand that Honest diapers have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s have a quick look at some of them below:


  • Hypoallergenic 

One of the advantages of using honest diapers is that they are relatively unlikely to cause any allergic reaction on your baby. The product is made of plant-derived materials, making them 100% eco-friendly and perfectly safe for your baby.

  • Free of toxic chemical

Another good thing about Honest diapers is that they are chemical-free. Yes, honest diapers aren’t produced with chlorine, which many other brands out there use to bleach the absorbent pulp.

Apart from that, honest diapers don’t contain pH indicators or bromophenol blue, a secret chemical used by some brands to deliver a wetness indicator.

Furthermore, you need to u understand that honest diapers aren’t made of fragrance, latex, lotions, or other irritating chemical additives, that could end up causing skin irritation and rashes on your baby.

  • Leg cuffs and Stretchy side panels

One of the amazing features of honest diapers is “leg cuffs.” This offering is what is responsible for preventing leaks and blowouts.

” Stretchy side panel” is another excellent feature that comes with honest diapers. This is what makes it possible for the diapers to fit on babies regardless of their size.


  • Honest diapers are pretty much expensive compared to some other products.
  • There’s no wetness indicator to quickly understand that ut’s time for a diaper change.