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Are Baby Showers Supposed To Be a Surprise?


Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a new life and for family and friends to gather and “shower” the expecting parents with love, gifts, and well-wishes. But, one question that often arises when planning a baby shower is whether or not it should be a surprise.

We think its fairly straightforward and comes down to the personalities of the parents involved and whether they love or hate surprises. Some people love surprises and get genuine happiness from a surprise party while some think of it as a nightmare. Don’t be a afraid to ask the parents and plan accordingly.

Should a baby shower be a surprise or not?

Traditionally, baby showers were meant to be a surprise for the expecting mother. However, these days, the idea of a surprise baby shower has evolved.

Today, it’s common for baby showers to include both parents not just the mother as well as for the expecting parents to be involved in the planning, providing input on guest lists, themes, and gifts.

While surprises can be fun and exciting, planning a baby shower can be a lot of work, and it’s important to ensure that the expecting parents are comfortable with the idea. Some expecting mothers may prefer to be involved in the planning process, while others may be happy to leave it up to their friends and family.

Some parents would rather know that a baby shower is being planned for them ahead of time so they can make preparations, what to wear, make up, etc. As well as input into the theme, guest list and overall vibe.

How To Decide If The Baby Shower Should Be a Surprise Or Not

Talk To The Expectant Mom

Before you plan anything, talk to the mother-to-be about whether she would like a surprise baby shower or not. Some moms want to be intimately involved and love to plan a party.

Usually the expecting parents will ask someone to plan the baby shower, so it’s not weird for you to consult with her on what she is expecting from it and how involved they want to be.

Talk To The Family And Friends

If for whatever reason you don’t want to ask the soon-to-be mom directly you could consult the family or friends on what they think is best.

Maybe some family member or friend overheard her talking about the baby shower and what she is expecting.

This way you can tailor the baby shower party to the expectations of the expectant mom without ruining the surprise.

Who Throws The Baby Shower And Who Is Invited?

Traditionally a baby shower is thrown by a friend or friends closest to the mother-to-be, although family members often do as well.

Some soon-to-be mothers want to have their family members play a more active role in the baby shower and ask them to plan it.

The guest list usually includes close friends and family but there are no rules on who is allowed to come. these days many baby showers are not just an all female affair but include all family and friends of the expecting parents.


Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to surprise the expecting parents with a baby shower should be based on their preferences and comfort level.

It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with the expecting parents to ensure that everyone is on the same page. A successful baby shower is one that celebrates the arrival of a new life in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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