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A Snuzpod is the best way to keep your newborn safe and closer to you. Snuzpods come in several colors and stand-alone cribs that you must dismantle as it contains several materials. This makes it natural for mothers to wonder how to wash a Snuzpod.

You should wash the Snuzpod’s fabric walls and mesh separately. This is possible with baby wipes or the regular hand-washing method. If there are tough stains on the material, soak them for a while before hand washing but never use a washing machine to wash any parts.

SnuzPods have grown popular in our time and provide comfort for your little one. As expected, you will want to know more about these materials and keep them in good condition. If so, then keep reading to get answers to your questions.

How Do You Wash a Snuzpod?

This product has two parts: a metal or wooden frame and a mesh that serves as the cot’s walls. Each Snuzpod comes with a mattress that is designed to fit inside the crib’s opening. You can remove and wash the mesh and all other elements, but you should not wash the mattress because it contains chemicals. 

The mesh wall must be zipped up and washed separately from the other materials to avoid damage. The manual washing of all components is the best. Avoid using a washing machine to clean any materials as the machine will damage them even at low temperatures.

To clean and preserve the cot, use a wet towel to wipe it. Simply clean the frame, remove any dust or grime, and let it air dry (or you can use a dry cloth to dry it). Avoid using abrasive compounds as they can damage the coating on the frame.

Also, if you’re simply washing the crib frame with water, make sure it’s totally dry before putting the infant back into the crib. Wet frames can create a slippery surface that is not stable enough to keep the infant safe on its back or stomach.

Use of Baby Wipes 

Baby wipes are soft and hygienic, making them good material for cleaning the Snuzpod fabric. It is also easy, convenient, and quick to practice. You use wipes to clean filth that is still fresh when the materials have not absorbed the liquid or dirt.

Due to the nature of the fabric, water or other liquid do not soak immediately. When you see spilled liquid, it’s essential to act fast, using the wipes to clean up as much as you can. The same thing applies to dirt or a stain. 

If the wipes aren’t wet enough, you can also put them under running water for a few seconds to get them wet. This would improve the effectiveness of the wipe, making it easier to get the stain out.

But, as I mentioned earlier, this would only be effective if the stains are still fresh. For older stains, you’ll need something tougher than wipes. For this, you can get a clean new towel which you’ll dampen with water. 

Refrain from using any detergent because you will not completely remove the chemicals from the fabric unless you rinse the entire Snuzpod. Also, make sure that you have wrung out all of the extra water from the towel to avoid it becoming overly moist. If it is too wet, you’ll have to take out the fabric to dry. 


If you have reached the point where you need to wash the entire cloth, remove it from the frame and prepare it for washing. You should do this before the fabric becomes too dirty or unhygienic for your baby. To wash, you’ll need a baby detergent, a milder version with a soft fragrance and gentle effect on clothes.

The water for washing should be lukewarm – not too cold or too hot. Any extreme temperature will damage the fabric and make it unsuitable for usage

Use a little detergent on the clothes and begin washing. If additional detergent is required, use it. Once you’ve performed this, rinse them with lukewarm water.

It usually is sufficient to do one round of cleaning, but if the stains persist, simply repeat the operation to eliminate any leftover filth. If the stains are still visible after the second round, proceed to soak the cloth. 


If the stains are really tenacious, you’ll have to soak the fabric in a detergent solution like any other type of clothing item. However, the length of time to soak the material also depends on the manufacturer’s specification.

Soaking is very easy and common with any person used to hand washing. You start by preparing the detergent solution. Pour your favorite detergent into a small tub half-full of lukewarm water. Add a sufficient amount of detergent.

You can also decide to use a few drops of any stain remover but be cautious not to use one with too much abrasiveness that can damage the fabric. For a half-hour to an hour, soak the Snuzpod cloth in this tub, enabling the detergent to penetrate and break down the stains. After the fabric has stayed enough in the solution, rewash it, then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

What Is the Most Effective Method of Drying a Snuzpod?

Hang the materials for several hours to ensure that they are completely dry before using them. Avoid direct sunlight when possible, especially during the hours when the sun is at its peak, which is usually noontime. So, it is best to wash these materials early in the morning and hang them out to dry when the sun is mild.

Because the mesh wall will dry more quickly than the fabric walls, remove the mesh wall from the sunlight earlier than the fabric walls.

Ensure that your Snuzpod cloth is totally dry before reinstalling it on the frame after washing. It is vital to avoid falling into the trap of drying the fabric in the tumble dryer. Like harsh detergents, using a tumble dryer can cause the material to become unusable, rendering it unfit for further use.

Although washing a Snuzpod is not difficult, many parents are hesitant to do so for fear that they will damage the clothes and render the Snuzpod useless in the process. But, you should know that leaving these fabrics unwashed has several disadvantages. 

First, it could attract skin diseases and irritation, which would only cause more worries than the thoughts of destroying your Snuzpod. Dirty materials can also be a source of cough and other unhealthy situations.

So, if you’ve harbored this fear, you shouldn’t anymore. All you should do is follow the simple process to get your baby’s Suzpod clean, fresh, and ready for use.

Why Should I Use a Snuzpod?

Using a Snuzpod is definitely worth it and has several benefits which I explain below.

It Is a Three-in-one Sleeping Aid

The SnuzPod is a three-in-one bedside cot that attaches to your bed so that you may have your kid close at hand while you sleep. With the ingenious SnuzPod, you have a bedside cot, an independent crib, and a bassinet all in one adorable and functional package. Because of the qualities of the bassinet, you can elevate the cot’s body from the stand, making it ideal for naps and transportation. 

When in solitary crib mode, you can use the Snuzpod as a rocker to gently rock the baby back to sleep, which is particularly useful for newborns. In addition, the SnuzPod crib is available in a range of neutral colors, including soft white, natural wood, espresso, and dove grey, to compliment any nursery decor. 

Provides Easy Access at Night

Nighttime is the most challenging time of the day for any parent. Everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible at the end of the day when the day’s excitement has faded, and sleep is calling. With the SnuzPod three-in-one bedside crib, getting to your kid in the middle of the night is easy. 

It is possible to attach a SnuzPod crib to the frame of a parent’s bed using straps that extend from the crib. The Snuzpod cot also features a one-of-a-kind zip-away wall that makes it simple for parents to feed and comfort their babies at night. 

Safe and Secure

The Snuzpod keeps your kid safe and secure while sleeping in their cot. There’s no longer any reason to be anxious about your child falling off the bed in the middle of the night.

Chemical Free

Snuzpods are made entirely of natural materials, which means they are absolutely safe for babies.

When you first buy a new Snuzpod, washing it is the last thing on your mind, and that is understandable. Parents appear to be unaware that the babies will almost surely stain it within a short period, necessitating washing it before continuous usage. However, you should wash your Snuzpod regularly to keep it clean and fresh. 

If you carefully follow the directions and wash and dry the linens according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the Snuzpod lasts longer.