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There are only a few things that will keep you up at night after you birth a new baby, and one of them, quite ironically, is how well your baby sleeps. Mums that buy multiple sleeping items for their babies are genuinely concerned, and so are you. Now that you’re looking to buy a SnuzPod, is it even worth it?

SnuzPods are very worthwhile investments and can help your baby sleep better, but they’re not for everyone. If you can afford the crib comfortably without compromising on any of the other necessary items for your baby, it’s a no-brainer; otherwise, you’re better off with something cheaper.

This article will explain what a SnuzPod is, and some of the most important pros and cons of using a SnuzPod over other alternatives for your baby. And for the price point for a SnuzPod, you’ll also learn if there are better alternatives available.

What Is A SnuzPod?

SnuzPod is a unique type of bedside crib designed to let you co-sleep with your baby safely. However, SnuzPod isn’t just a crib. Even the official website describes it as a 3-in-1 bedside crib, and that’s the closest thing to what it does.

You can use a SnuzPod as either a standalone crib where your baby can sleep on a good day or as a co-sleeper or bedside crib for co-sleeping with your baby without exposing them to any unwanted hazards. Lastly, you can use the SnuzPod as a convenient sleeping basket before they outgrow that.

Due to the flexible design of SnuzPods, they’re made to last for longer than your average crib or bassinet. It also comes in different color aesthetics, letting you choose whatever looks best in your home.

SnuzPods are designed to be safe and convenient for babies, passing most of the safety sleeping standards for baby sleeping pods. It works across most bed sizes and the convenience has won it multiple awards.

At its price point, it’s the sleeping aid for babies to beat. In the next section, you’ll learn why SnuzPods are so good to reviewers, awarders, and even mums.

Advantages Of SnuzPods

In 2015, SnuzPod won the year’s installment of the Mother and Baby Gold Award for Best Cot, Crib, or Moses Basket. In the next year, it won the Platinum Junior Design Award. If it could win awards this easily, it must have some crazy good features swaying mums and awarders, and fortunately, it does.

Here are some of the major selling points of SnuzPods that will make you want to get one immediately.

  1. Flexibility

This is a quite obvious advantage of SnuzPods; not every sleeping surface lets you switch seamlessly between a crib, a bedside crib, and a bassinet. It is just as light as a sleeping basket, and as comfortable as a crib.

You can either buy the SnuzPod with a mattress, a recommended option, or buy one without it if you already have a fitting mattress. You can always disassemble the pod to make it even more portable, but it’s already as portable as you’d ever want when it’s assembled.

  1. Long-lasting

You can only use regular bassinets until your child begins to sit on their own, and the lifespan of the average cribs isn’t a lot more impressive either. In addition to adding the features of both of these sleeping aids, SnuzPods also solve the issue they share with longevity.

SnuzPods aren’t designed to be obsolete soon. Most SnuzPods last for as long as six months, with some lasting even longer. By the time your baby outgrows their SnuzPod, you’d already been planning to move them to a full-sized bed.

  1. It’s comfortable

While it’s hard to get babies to review a crib, mothers can easily tell how well their babies approve or disprove of a certain bassinet or crib by their actions. If the baby’s actions are anything to go by, however, we’d say that babies seemingly love their SnuzPods.

There are only a few places where a baby can stay for an extended period without crying. These places include their mum’s arm, their SnuzPods, and wherever they so choose. It’s just that comfortable for babies.

However, babies aren’t the only beneficiary of SnuzPod’s excellence in this regard. There are also a couple of features to help parents use the SnuzPod more comfortably, and people never want to go back after trying one.

For example, you’ll never understand how much you’d want a shelf below your baby’s crib until you use a SnuzPod. For the little items that you never seem to find easily, you can simply keep them on the shelf, bringing a whole new level of comfort.

  1. It’s aesthetically pleasing

If you’ve hated how many cribs and bassinets don’t give you an option to choose the color that works best for you, you may be interested in checking out SnuzPod’s offerings. Beauty is subjective, and SnuzPod is one of the few companies producing cribs and other related items that understand that.

Since it’s impossible to tell what colors will match the general design aesthetic of your home, SnuzPod comes in seven different colors.

There’s a natural wooden color, the Eco White (which is white), the Dove Grey color, the dark brown color dubbed Espresso, the Putty color, a pale pink color, and kind of a pastel yellow color. With the option to choose from seven different colors, not finding one that works for you becomes difficult.

If your pet peeve is a designed sleeping surface for your baby, you need a SnuzPod. It has an objectively better design than most cribs and bassinets and works better too.

  1. Safety

The SnuzPod is designed to help babies sleep comfortably. To achieve this, the SnuzPod has been tested extensively to comply with the safest sleeping standards in the United States.  Therefore, you can let your baby sleep in the crib without having to worry about any safety issues.

Disadvantages Of SnuzPods

SnuzPods may sound like the perfect item for your baby, but they’re not. While they’re superior to most offerings on the market at the moment, there are still many aspects of a SnuzPod that may want to discourage you from pulling out your credit card.

Here are some of the tradeoffs you’ll be making by choosing a SnuzPod over the average dedicated crib or bassinet.

  1. Expensive

While SnuzPod comes with many features that justify the hefty price tag, it’s still undoubtedly expensive. If you’re looking to save some money on your baby items, a SnuzPod may not be the best option for you, considering it only lasts about six months.

One reason why SnuzPods don’t make a very cost-effective investment is due to their plenty of features. If you’re on a budget, you may be willing to trade off on most of these features to get a price cut, but unfortunately, that’s impossible with a SnuzPod.

If you’re not on a budget, however, this isn’t a disadvantage for you. Almost all of the extras are very handy, and SnuzPods are worth every penny. It just feels good to have a choice with prices, especially in a world where prices are going berserk.

  1. Can be a hassle to clean

Most mums now use the ease of cleaning as one of the main factors that decide what baby items they buy. While SnuzPods has been thoughtfully designed in almost every aspect, it seems the manufacturers never thought people would want to clean their baby’s SnuzPods. I wrote an article on how to easily clean a Snuzpod.

While the fabrics aren’t very difficult to clean, they are quite a hassle to remove. This will present a minor issue unless you have a washing machine that can fit the entirety of a SnuzPod at once.

Also, the tender fabric in the SnuzPod isn’t the best material for multiple repeated washes. After multiple washes, the surface of the fabric starts to become less attractive. You can mitigate this problem by using additional covers over the SnuzPod, but you shouldn’t have to do that for an item of that price.

Is SnuzPod Worth It?

Looking at the value proposition of SnuzPods, you may be skeptical before paying for it. If there are better alternatives on the market for a lower price, buying it will make you feel bad over time.

However, it doesn’t seem like any alternatives beat SnuzPod at that specific price point. Its compatibility with almost all devices and beds is a godsend, and it makes an irresistible item if you can afford the price.

But that is if you’re willing to pay the price. As you may expect, the SnuzPod is quite expensive; more expensive than the average crib or bassinet. If you’re constrained by a tight budget, you may be better off shopping alternatives instead.

SnuzPods are very worthwhile investments, and they are worth every penny. You can get the pod (or crib) for $169, but buying the crib with a mattress moves the cost up to about $200.

You can get a bassinet for much cheaper than that, but you won’t be getting the SnuzPod storage pocket or any of the extras that come with the pod.