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There are various “carriages” available for the transport of children from when your newborn leaves the hospital to when you have a toddler. Each one seems to have a unique feature and your head can swim from all the information. With a comparison between iCandy and Bugaboo, your decision becomes easier.

Both iCandy and Bugaboo are outstanding pushchairs/strollers used by families worldwide. They have a wealth of history and their designs are tailored to suit a variety of needs. As you compare some of their similar products side-by-side, the one that shines brighter is right for you.

This article highlights the differences between a stroller and a pram. I have also given descriptions of the iCandy and Bugaboo brands of strollers. Also covered will be a comparison between two popular iCandy and Bugaboo products, and a guide on how to choose the right stroller.

If you wonder how iCandy matches up against other brands you can check out these two articles I wrote: iCandy vs Joolz and iCandy vs Egg.

What You Need to Know about iCandy

The iCandy brand has been in business for over 70 years. They are a family-owned business and their products include high chairs, pushchairs, and other accessories. iCandy prams are stylish, luxurious, and very functional.

Premium fabrics with trending colors are used to create eye-catching products that give you confidence with use. An alluring feature is the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty it comes with. Since your baby can use many of their designs until they get to age 4, the warranty covers you until you stop using it.

All iCandy models have a seat elevator used for adjusting the height of your carrycot or pushchair, to bring your baby close to you. Their carrycots are ideal for overnight sleeping, saving you the stress of moving your baby in ways that may obstruct their sleep.

Another feature of the iCandy pram is that it comes ready as a travel system. This means that you can use it with various car seats, including Joie, Nuna Pia, BeSafe, and Maxi-Cosi, amongst others.

The pushchairs sold are the Peach, Lime, Orange, Peach Designer Collection Cerium, Raspberry, and the Peach All-Terrain. Prices reflect their luxury designs and it is important to consider your budget before you shop for one.

What You Need to Know about Bugaboo

Bugaboo is a luxury or premium-priced brand of strollers. The Dutch stroller brand launched out in 1999 and it has quickly gained celebrity status. You might have seen some iconic figures pushing their kids in Bugaboo strollers. 

There are only 4 designs sold: the Bee, the Cameleon, the Buffalo, and the Donkey. These animal names reflect the traits of each stroller. The Cameleon is the first high-end pram; next is the Bee, which is the lightweight pushchair; the Buffalo serves all terrains, and the Donkey is the double buggy.

Bugaboo provides strollers for any kind of lifestyle. They even have an infant car seat called the Turtle that promises to “shell-ter” your baby from the beginning. They were the pioneers of a modular stroller system and their prices are very high-end.

The lightweight Bee is the cheapest with a starting price of $586. This doesn’t include the cost of accessories like the sun canopy or baby cocoon. At the top is the Donkey, for which you will pay $1,626. The Bugaboo Fox replaced the discontinued Buffalo in 2018.

However, these luxurious prices do not deter new and second-time parents. Bugaboo’s colorful seat sets and hoods that you can change are all-time attractions, as well as their design. Although these strollers come with large foam-filled wheels, they are not to be used for running or jogging.

iCandy Vs Bugaboo

iCandy and Bugaboo have a range of products that can meet your needs at different levels. Whether you have a single child, twins, or babies close in age, there are strollers designed for your entire family. To help you decide, here is a contrast between the iCandy Peach and the Bugaboo Fox:

iCandy Peach Pros 

  • Suitable for newborns and kids up to 55lbs.
  • It comes with a coracot.
  • A multifunctional product that can convert from a single to a double pushchair.
  • The newest designs have a free-standing fold that can be done with one hand. You can also store it in a sleek and compact manner.
  • There are many colors to choose from.
  • The storage compartment has a belt that can hold things in place.

iCandy Peach Cons

  • The iCandy Peach is a little heavy to handle and maneuver.
  • It is expensive.
  • It may be harder for you to push it on rough terrains because of its weight.
  • It has a long assembly time.

Bugaboo Fox Pros

  • Its tires are large and suitable for all terrains.
  • The Fox2 is strong and ultralight. It is easy to push with the power steering.
  • It has a self-standing one-piece fold and a compact two-piece fold.
  • It has a peekaboo window with a breezy panel. 

Bugaboo Fox Cons

  • Apart from the Fox2, the stroller cannot be easily folded. Some parts have to be detached before folding.
  • You can only use it until your child is about 4 years old (holds only up to 50lbs)
  • It is very expensive.
  • The storage space is smaller than the iCandy peach and you have to be extra careful to not overload it.

Both of them have extra features that you can add (at extra cost) to give you the stroller of your dreams.

How Do You Choose the Right Stroller?

The right stroller should be safe and comfortable for your child. Its seat must fit your child and it must be easy to maneuver. Lastly, it should have a weight and height that makes it suitable for you to push. These are some considerations you should have in mind before settling for one.

Other factors to consider are your location and the areas you will use the stroller in. you should also look at the activity you will often be engaged in.

If you are a mama that shops a lot, you need a pushchair or stroller that is sizable enough to fit into small aisles, and that comes with a good storage compartment. A pram with inflatable tires meets your walking needs.

Big wheels suit rough terrains, and they are for the mama that enjoys strolls in the park. If you commute by public transport, you need a light stroller that folds without fuss. 

Even though you don’t find a stroller that meets all your needs, keeping these thoughts in mind can help you get something that meets most of your needs.

The Differences Between a Stroller and a Pram

The words “stroller” and “pram” are often used interchangeably. If you are also guilty of lumping them together as the same product, don’t worry. Every day is a good day to learn something new. 

While you can use both to transport your kid, the distinctions between a stroller and a pram are many, ranging from their designs to their prices. Before you make a purchase, read the differences here:

  1. Description 

A Stroller usually refers to a product with an upright seat while a pram is one that has a flat sleeping surface or bassinet. The flatter the surface, the better. Brands these days have products that combine both.

  1. Safety 

Prams do not have safety belts and harnesses. You must use them with full supervision. Strollers, however, strollers, come with both seat belts and harnesses with up to five attachment points.

  1. Design 

The design of a pram suits newborn babies who need to lie flat more often than not. This position is important for optimum oxygen delivery and the proper development of their hips and spines.

A stroller is for more mature babies who can sit on their own. With a steady neck, they can absorb easily the minor jerks from a stroller.

  1. Chair distance

The stroller’s chair is often closer to the ground, whereas the pram’s chair is higher up and makes it easier for you to look at your baby.

  1. Weight 

Strollers are lighter. You can fold them and easily carry them about. Prams are often bulky and difficult to lug around.

  1. Cost 

Prams have straightforward designs and are thus cheaper. Strollers, however, come with extra features and they cost more.

  1. Synonyms 

A pram also refers to a baby carriage and the word ‘pram’ is short for perambulator. You can also call a stroller a buggy or pushchair (slightly bulkier than a stroller.)

  1. Appearance

A stroller resembles a chair on wheels while a pram looks like a carriage on wheels.

Seeing as they have distinctive functions, you cannot say one is better than the other. Even better, many brands have a combination of a stroller and a pram. You can buy one product and use it for all the stages of your baby’s growth.

Whether you buy a solo pram or a hybrid, be mindful of the flat surface newborns need. The Lullaby Trust funded research at Bristol University and the results suggest that seating a baby at a 40-degree incline (like a car seat) significantly decreases oxygen saturation and increases heart and respiratory rates.