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There are a million and one things to consider when caring for your little one, with good sleep being a priority. Sleeping aids like the Sleepyhead have become popular in the last decade, and there are always questions surrounding their use. One of such is: does sleepyhead fit in a SnüzPod. 

A Sleepyhead has many functions as a baby sleeping product and it fits in a Snuzpod very well. A SnüzPod has the space and structure to hold a Sleepyhead, providing your baby with the utmost comfort for a restful sleep. With this combo, you can also rest easy, knowing your baby is always within reach.

In this article, I will give some insights into what baby sleep pods are, highlighting the Sleepyhead brand. I also look at how you can combine a Sleepyhead and a SnüzPod. In conclusion, I will explore using a Sleepyhead for overnight sleep and some wrong ways to use it.

What Are Baby Sleep Pods?

Also called sleep nests, they are mattresses that mimic the womb by providing a cozy sleeping environment for babies. The 4th trimester baby (newborn) may have a hard time adjusting to the unfamiliar environment outside the womb.

Sleep pods are soft and have padded sides. This snug space can feel like a womb to a baby, and it enhances their comfort as they sleep or rest in the pods. Apart from sleeping, your baby can also play in a pod, have some tummy time, and have their diaper changed.

Recent findings in the last 5 years have caused mistrust of pods as sleeping aids. Its soft, cushiony feel is the part that does not meet certain safe sleeping guidelines. 

Health professionals and experts have said that a sleeping baby is best placed on a flat, firm, waterproof mattress.

Sleepyhead is one of the most popular sleep pods and it was introduced to the market in 2006. Before I explain how you can combine a Sleepyhead and a SnüzPod, let me give an in-depth description of both items.

What Is A Sleepyhead Good For?

As one of the popular sleep pods, you may have seen this portable mattress either on social media or live-in-action at a friend’s house. If you have ever wondered what it is, the mystery ends here.

Sleepyhead is a Swedish-designed nest you can use as a one-stop station for some of your baby’s needs. From diaper changes to naps, playtime, and tummy time, they can save you the stress of having different locations for these activities.

The soft mattress and inflated sides ensure a safe and comfortable environment, even for a rolling and turning baby. It comes in two sizes; The Sleepyhead Deluxe and the Sleepyhead Grand. You must always use both of them on flat and stable surfaces.

The sleepyhead Deluxe is for babies 0 to 8 months old, who weighs about 2kg to 10kg. The Grand is for older kids ranging from 9 to 36 months and approximately weighing 10kg to 18kg.

While you can use the Sleepyhead as a baby lounging area, crib insert, and for co-sleeping, all uses must be with proper parental supervision. They are portable but should never be used to carry your baby around. Take your baby out of the pod before moving it to another location.

What Is A SnüzPod?

For fans of co-sleeping, SnüzPods are a safe way for your child to stay independent and comfortable in their cot while keeping them close to you. As a 3-in-1 crib specifically designed for your bedside, it serves many purposes.

You can remove the stand and use it as a bassinet, use it as a separate cot, attach it to your bed as a co-sleeper crib. It has a mesh side you can zip up or fold down for the separate cot and co-sleeper functions, respectively.

When it is in use as a co-sleeper, it is an extension of your bed that enables you to slide your baby in with minor disturbance, after feeding. Your baby can sleep in it for up to 6 months. That being said, a Snuzpod is definitely worth the buy in my opinion.

The SnüzPod is smaller than a standard cot but bigger than a Moses basket. A Snuzpod is also surprisingly easy to clean. Like the Sleepyhead, never move it with your baby inside. Whether it is the bassinet or cot form. 

Does a Sleepyhead Fit in a Snuzpod?

As stated earlier, the Sleepyhead is designed to function as a crib insert. This means that you can place it in a cot or crib. In a SnüzPod, a sleepyhead fits snugly; there might be little space between the Sleepyhead and the sides of the SnüzPod.

This combination works if the SnüzPod mattress is too hard for your baby. A Sleepyhead is soft and some babies may prefer it to a harder surface. Many parents have touted the ease of using both, with great results.

For others, placing a Sleepyhead in a cot like the SnüzPod is redundant. This is because a Sleepyhead already has slightly raised edges that protect the baby, and provide a soft mattress for comfortable sleep.

Can You Use a Sleepyhead for an Overnight Sleep?

In the past, Sleepyheads have been used for both daytime and nighttime sleep. However, recent findings and regulations have put a damper on its use for this purpose. A warning issued by Lullaby Trust in 2018 pointed out that many popular sleeping products do not meet the established guidelines for safer sleep.

Products like baby hammocks, pillows, duvets, and cushioned pods or nests were said to be risky for babies under 12 months. According to research gathered and evaluated by the Trust, the risks of SIDS are increased in babies that sleep on any surface that is not firm or flat, especially those under one year.

Surfaces that are soft or that include heavy beddings increase the risk of overheating and suffocation in babies. Although Sleepyhead has not been mentioned in any mishap of suffocation, there is a wariness about using them for overnight sleep.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has recently set stricter guidelines for such sleep products. Consumer Reports (CR) raised an alarm about how unsafe these products may be and urged that action should be taken to regulate the quality of these products.

The rule has prohibited manufacturers of these products from marketing them as sleep products. They are only allowed to sell them as lounge products for playtime, naps, diaper changing, and just to hold babies for rest. Sleepyhead recently rebranded to DockATot and is the only brand to be marketing their products for lounging.

Sleepyhead has encouraged that you must adhere to certain guidelines when using their products for overnight sleep:

  • You can never use it without adequate supervision.
  • If your baby will use it overnight, it must be placed in the same room you will sleep in, either on the same bed or in a crib.
  • When placed on the same bed, you must ensure the environment is free from clutter and any material that can be swallowed.
  • Co-sleeping must also be done with semi-alert sleepers. This means that both parties on the bed must be aware a baby is sleeping with them, and they should be able to respond to the baby’s needs.

For utmost safety, Sleepyhead recommends their products for only supervised sleeping, especially naps in the daytime. If you decide to use it for overnight sleeping, weigh your options and ensure you can meet the guidelines before use.

Wrong Ways to Use a Sleepyhead

You can use a sleepy head to hold your baby in the living room while you fold laundry, or just to watch them play and practice tummy time. Babies can also sleep in them, with overnight sleep not advised by many experts.

The most important thing to note with the use of a Sleepyhead is that you must use it with supervision. Childcare requires you to develop eyes like a hawk. A little baby can get up to a lot of mischiefs when left alone for even a second.

Using a Sleepyhead without adult supervision is wrong. You should be able to adjust your baby and see to their immediate needs if any should arise while they use a Sleepyhead. The Sleepyhead grand that is for older babies will need even more supervision since kids within that age range are more mobile.

Another wrong use of a Sleepyhead is to use it without cleaning. It comes with covers that are easily removable and washable. From baby spit-ups to diaper leaks, it is impossible to keep a pristine Sleepyhead.

It is quite convenient that you can properly wash all parts of the Sleepyhead ensemble in the machine. You do not have to worry about destroying the material or changing its design. All you have to do is confirm from the website or label the proper way to clean all its parts.